Balance of Payments: Total Net Current Account for China, P.R.: Mainland: 82669700000 U.S. $ as of 01-01-2024

Annual data observations begin 3 years before publication. Projected data include the year of publication and the subsequent 5 years. The data and projections presented are forecasted estimates by the IMF staff based on data available through early September 2015. Copyright © 2016, International Monetary Fund. Reprinted with permission. Complete terms of use and contact details are available at

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Last Value 82669700000 U.S. $
Latest Period 2024-01-01
Last Updated 2019-10-23 15:02:01-05
Frequency A
Average Growth Rate 8.53
Long Term Average 127410000000
Value from 1 Year Ago 92380200000
Change from 1 Year Ago -10.51
Unit U.S. $
Adjustment U.S. $

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