Monetary Base; Total: 3235900 Mil. of $ as of 10-23-2019

The series equals total balances maintained plus currency in circulation. Effective February 2, 1984, reserve computation and maintenance periods have been changed from weekly to bi-weekly. Series with data prior to February 2, 1984 have different values reported from one week to the next. After February 2, 1984, the value repeats for 2 consecutive weeks.

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Last Value 3235900 Mil. of $
Latest Period 2019-10-23
Last Updated 2019-10-24 15:46:02-05
Frequency W
Average Growth Rate 0.15
Long Term Average 1063370
Value from 1 Year Ago
Change from 1 Year Ago
Unit Mil. of $
Adjustment Mil. of $

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