Reverse repurchase agreements held by the Federal Reserve: All Maturities (DISCONTINUED): 239658 Mil. of $ as of 06-13-2018

This series has been discontinued and will no longer be updated. It was a duplicate of the following series, which will continue to be updated: Reverse repurchase agreements are transactions in which securities are sold to primary dealers or foreign central banks under an agreement to buy them back from the same party on a specified date at the same price plus interest. Reverse repurchase agreements absorb reserve balances from the banking system for the length of the agreement. They are typically collateralized using Treasury bills. As with repurchase agreements, the naming convention used here reflects the transaction from the dealers' perspective; the Federal Reserve receives cash in a reverse repurchase agreement and provides collateral to the dealers.

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Last Value 239658 Mil. of $
Latest Period 2018-06-13
Last Updated 2018-06-14 15:41:02-05
Frequency W
Average Growth Rate 0.93
Long Term Average 126480
Value from 1 Year Ago
Change from 1 Year Ago
Unit Mil. of $
Adjustment Mil. of $

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