US Regular All Formulations Gas Price: 2.596 $ per Gallon as of 10-28-2019

Weighted average based on sampling of approximately 900 retail outlets, 8:00AM Monday. The price represents self-service unless only full-service is available and includes all taxes. See ( for further definitions. Regular Gasoline has an antiknock index (average of the research octane rating and the motor octane number) greater than or equal to 85 and less than 88. Octane requirements may vary by altitude.

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Last Value 2.596 $ per Gallon
Latest Period 2019-10-28
Last Updated 2019-10-28 17:01:01-05
Frequency W
Average Growth Rate 0.07
Long Term Average 2.06
Value from 1 Year Ago
Change from 1 Year Ago
Unit $ per Gallon
Adjustment $ per Gallon

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