Production and Nonsupervisory Employees, Private Service-Providing: 91087 Thousands as of 09-01-2019

Monthly , not seasonally adjusted . Production and related employees include working supervisors and all nonsupervisory employees (including group leaders and trainees) engaged in fabricating, processing, assembling, inspecting, receiving, storing, handling, packing, warehousing, shipping, trucking, hauling, maintenance, repair, janitorial, guard services, product development, auxiliary production for plant's own use (for example, power plant), recordkeeping, and other services closely associated with the above production operations. #Nonsupervisory employees include those individuals in private, service-providing industries who are not above the working-supervisor level. This group includes individuals such as office and clerical workers, repairers, salespersons, operators, drivers, physicians, lawyers, accountants, nurses, social workers, research aides, teachers, drafters, photographers, beauticians, musicians, restaurant workers, custodial workers, attendants, line installers and repairers, laborers, janitors, guards, and other employees at similar occupational levels whose services are closely associated with those of the employees listed. The series comes from the 'Current Employment Statistics (Establishment Survey).' The source code is: CEU0800000006

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Last Value 91087 Thousands
Latest Period 2019-09-01
Last Updated 2019-10-04 07:48:38-05
Frequency m
Average Growth Rate 0.2
Long Term Average 57067.4
Value from 1 Year Ago 89762
Change from 1 Year Ago 1.48
Unit Thousands
Adjustment Thousands

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